Who is it for?

Neurofeedback is effective for improving sleep, reducing stress, and facilitating optimal brain performance. It can also be useful for meditators because it promotes self-awareness, focus, and facilitates deep meditative states.                 

Some patterns are so deeply ingrained that talking about it does not always result in the relief that is needed. When people have excessive tension in the body or are not able to fall a sleep, it can be a sign that their nervous system has difficulty to self-regulate. Neurofeedback promotes self-regulation and helps calm down both the body and mind. For more information on scientific research click on the links page or go directly to www.eeginfo.com/research/. This is NOT a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, nor a way of diagnosing or treating disorders.

Symptoms that neurofeedback can help alleviate:    

- Sleep difficulties                                             
- Feeling anxious or worried
- Difficulty concentrating, organizing, and planning       
- Muscle tension  
- Feeling fatigued, overwhelmed or unmotivated  



Neurofeedback is suitable for people who are looking for:

- Personal Development
- Peak Performance
- Spiritual Growth