Training Process

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation
During a free 30 min consultation, I will explain how neurofeedback works and what the training process is like . You can ask questions, express your doubts, ask for rates, and tell me what you need help with. Then we will decide if this method is suitable.

Step 2: Assessment                                                                                                                                                                                     You will fill in a symptom checklist and I will ask you questions regarding your symptoms. This gives me a better understanding of your nervous system function in order to create a personalized training program. We will also create your training goals.

Step 3: Training Sessions (20 minimum)
The sessions are 50-60 min each and consists of 30 min neurofeedback training. The sessions need to be at least twice a week, ideally three or more (depending on the client). The total training time generally lasts 2-3 months.

Step 4: Evaluation
This session consists of a regular 30 min neurofeedback session and a re-evaluation of your symptoms. The majority of clients have sufficient results after 20 sessions. In some cases we decide to do additional sessions, this is more likely for individuals with chronic issues. We will discuss next steps and possible referrals. 

Extra Services

In addition to neurofeedback training, I offer heart rate variability training (Heartmath) and sleep coaching. I also discuss diet, exercise, mindfulness, and relaxation practices.