"After the first few sessions, I noticed how differently I experienced my daily interactions with people. I continue to feel more grounded, confident, and relaxed. Sarah is a thoughtful practitioner who works diligently to identify improvements in my behavioral patterns through neurofeedback, and I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling in life to give this a try".  Kristina K. 

"I have been in different settings with Sarah, from groups to classes. I have always been impressed with her thoughtfulness and deep insight about whatever we may be talking about. She is very supportive and caring. I recently did a series of 20 neurofeedback sessions with her. Sarah knows her stuff, and I benefited greatly from these sessions. My concentration levels improved, my sugar cravings went down, and the biggest thing-my anxiety levels plummeted. My life is different today than when we started the trainings, and I attribute a big part of this to the neurofeedback sessions I did with Sarah". S.A. Lippmann. 

"I signed up for a 10 week program of Neurofeedback due to headaches that Acupuncture and other doctors could not alleviate. I'm happy to report that the Neurofeedback treatment worked and I'm now free of the very annoying headaches that plagued me for over two years. Neurofeedback is kinda weird since you sit there and watch movies while your brain talks to itself in a language that you don't understand. It takes a session or two to get comfortable with the fact that you will never really be a part of the conversation and you just have to relax and let the mind heal itself. The one thing you do experience is the calming effect the therapy can have on your well being. 
Sarah is a very kind and always has her patients' well being at the heart of her practice. I was amazed at how much extra research she was willing to do to address my specific condition. She's a trained neuropsychologist and is constantly going to conferences and has a vast network of other healthcare professionals that she taps into when needed. The dragonfly center where Sarah has her office is a very nice facility with hot tea in the waiting room and a very nice relaxing ambiance. There is also always parking nearby". Keith.S.

"I did a 10 week program of neurofeedback with Sarah, focused on reducing stress and improving sleep. It was simply amazing. My stress levels are at an all-time low, despite an intense work and social life. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough - kind, skilled, and above all it works amazingly well". D.F.