Step 1 Contact Me:  We will set up a free 30 min consultation. Call (510)-229-4395.

Step 2 Assessment: By identifying symptoms and assessing nervous system function, I personalize your training process.

Step 3 Training Sessions: 20 Sessions each 50-60 minutes. Ongoing evaluation and consistent repetition ensures the brain's sustained integration of positive changes.

Step 4 Evaluation: We rerate your symptoms and discuss next steps.  

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive method that entails direct training of brain activity. It shows the brain its own EEG activity through external feedback loops via sensory input such as sound, visual, and tactile feedback.

Who is it for?


Neurofeedback is effective for improving sleep, reducing stress, and facilitating optimal brain performance. It can also be useful for meditators because it promotes self-awareness, focus, and facilitates deep meditative states.                 

Training process

The training process consists of 4 steps and in addition to neurofeedback I offer heart rate variability training (Heartmath) and sleep coaching. I will also discuss diet, exercise, mindfulness, and relaxation practices. 


"After the first few sessions, I noticed how differently I experienced my daily interactions with people. I continue to feel more grounded, confident, and relaxed. Sarah is a thoughtful practitioner who works diligently to identify improvements in my behavioral patterns through neurofeedback, and I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling in life to give this a try".  Kristina K.